Lirik Lagu Pee Wee Gaskins Here to Stay

Lirik Lagu Pee Wee Gaskins Here to Stay

It's Monday morning and I don't wanna get up
Just wanna stay here in my bed and close my eyes
But I can't sleep and I don't understand
that I am dreaming that you were here in my arm

The days are numbered and I'm counting down
Can't you see that sometimes I do feel like dying
Take a minute to hear me, screaming silently
And by tomorrow things will never be the same

So stay away another day
If it was meant to be then it will be
Just runaway and don't ever look back
And make sure I'll never find you

Sometimes you have to fall before you fly
But I took the risk so can't you see I'm trying
Cause wouldn't it be the perfect crime
If I stole your heart and you stole mine

My walls are falling down for you
My heart is bleeding now for you
My head is cracking out for you
You sweep me off the ground, I'm here to stay

If you're not there and leave me here feeling so alone
Maybe I don't really care but at least I'm trying
But when you're disappear and I don't know where to find
Now I don't have a chance to say that you are mine
you are mine, baby, you are mine

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