Lirik Lagu Shae - Up Up N Away

Shae - Up Up N Away

All praise the sunshine, all praise the sun
All praise the sunshine, all praise the sun

This my message to the sun
I love you like my mum, you'll be literally no. 1
When I'm highway tufflin', drivin', coastin'
Whylin', smokin', smilin', zonin'
Gettin' IV toasted like the pigs when they roasted
I'm white like rizlas so I burn without sun cream
Catch too many vases and then I'm peelin' that banana skin
Killin' down the harbor at the docks is what I master in
My flows like kimo when he gets? past him
Head's above water when I swim, neva garglin'
Like? droppin' to their knees but they ain't?
Half focused, screen a lie, good jump, aforbed it
Like farmers with the seeds when I sow em plowin' harvestin'
Crops that we marvellin', lackwat the song god
High-five and blast the wind, smoothe like plasterin'
When the weather's clumsy sun all yellow poor falterin'
Gonna make the sun shine again so we can bask in it
Linkin' up to trance and do a thumb dance to harness it
I'm legally askin' fit inside the sun
Our solar system's gifted,


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our stars shine bright, raise a glass up to this


All praise the sunshine, all praise the sun
All praise the sunshine, all praise the sun

Yes, listen, yo,
I couldn't have written this without no photosynthesis
A light turns to energy to chlorophyll that makes us food
Rainin' through the clouds, water absorbed through the roots
Manifestin' carbon d's, the mark of?
And infuses it to oxygen so we can actually breathe
Plus it made the glucose so we got the flavors that are sweet
Swear it's like this magic, son, I got to bust a geeeez
Cuz the surface hot, it's burnin' up at 10.000 degrees
Sweat is drippin' off my brow, suddenly the?
When I ride the microphone I bring?
I'm a shae gaver, a part time song gazer
Slash run-away, cosmic entertainer
I'm like the sun I turn main up to the major
Cuz he provides the trees so I can write this on the paper
Got appraise to let the baby to be cradled in the manger
In the UK we ain't strangers, never understate it
Understand we rated to this day we couldn't even replicate it
Yeah, we're walkin' in the light,

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the fifth dimension of a dozen day trips
Sun, I'm gonna take ya, it's amazing how our dreams stay spin
One up to the sun that made the green that I'm suddenly blazin'(?)

Do this for the love, I love everything that I've ever created

All praise the sunshine, all praise the sun
All praise the sunshine, all praise the sun

Ain't nothin' like the sunshine on yo face
Ain't nothin' like the sunshine on yo face

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